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OG Fabrics

Products at OG are uniquely crafted and formulated from hemp, bamboo and beechwood blend. Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a botanical class of Cannabis sativa grown specifically for industrial or medicinal use. Hemp is extremely soft on the skin, fights microbes, and is resistant to UV rays. It’s a magic crop! Bamboo blend has anti–bacterial properties ,provides around 98 percent UV protection. It is highly breathable in hot weather at the same time provides warmth in the cold. Beechwood blend- Well, this one has numerous sustainable properties starting from-20 times less water consumption than normal cotton, beech water consumption is 20 times less than a normal plantation of cotton. & Its production is absolutely fair and sustainable for the environment. OG&co is about making the earth a better place to live in by doing our bit through fashion & and popularise the existing idea of responsible buying.